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Cute Baby Store: Trendy and Comfortable Clothing at Unbelievably Low Prices!

Welcome to our unique little baby project.

When Zoya is not stuck at work saving lives, she's either busy with our little baby girl, or she's hiding behind a computer screen looking for inspiring apparel for this store.

That leaves Nabeel to run the store, extracting upon his expanding knowledge of the latest technologies and customer service.

Together, we do our best to offer something different - something you may not find as easily on the high street.

We felt that everywhere we went, everyone was wearing the same clothes from the same brands, and it was getting harder to differentiate ourselves. This website was born out of such a search, and so we went through great pains to find clothes that are great in terms of quality and also in terms of value. 

Initially, we did this for our daughter, but were able to expand our selections into collections and then this website. To read more about us, click here.

We are also very service-oriented and would like our customers to have a great experience while shopping with us. Our free shipping policy is designed to match our obligation to offer great service. And our pricing strategy is for it to be the lowest possible.