Clothing Essentials of A Newborn Baby: What Kind and How Many You Need?

Waiting for your baby can be both nervous and delightful. It might be nervous if you are having a tough pregnancy and experiencing complications related to the health of your baby. For example, having one miscarriage two weeks after finding out my first pregnancy and bleeding at the very first night of my learning of the second pregnancy, I was extremely nervous in the first three months period of my pregnancy. At those times, you can not think about the clothing of your little button but just pray and pay ever the highest level of attention to yourself. However, as soon as your doctor tells that you are in the safe zone anymore, you are very likely to find yourself at the desktop to shop online for your baby or in that baby store in which you were murmuring yourself you will shop from that store when you have a baby.

This is the start of the delightful part. You will want to buy everything for your little button but wait and think: think about the ease of usability, the fabric, and the size. Like a machine, you will find yourself programmed to change diapers and outfits several times in a day, even just within hours. So, make sure the outfits are easily put on and off and uncomplicated. The fabric should be soft, without rigid decorations, and uncomfortable tags. Another point you might be indecisive is the size. You may get confused whether you should buy newborn sizes or start directly with 0-3 months sizes. Mothers usually prefer to buy 3-month clothes for their newborns because babies will either fit 3-month size as quickly as in 2 to 3 weeks or will be in this size at birth. You can also get an idea by asking your parents and your partner's parents about both of your weight and height at birth and growth rate. Of course, they can not give exact numbers and statistics. However, in this way, you can get a rough idea how fast your little button will grow. By the way, I did the same thing and it really worked out!

If you are mixed up about which clothes and how many of them you should buy, here is an advisory newborn clothing essentials guide you may want to keep handy before your baby girl or baby boy arrives.

What To Buy For Your Newborn

Onesies: This piece of the outfit has a wide range of product including bodysuits, jumpsuits, and rompers. This one-piece clothes will be your favorite due to their easiness of putting on and off. It is advisable to have 6 to 8 bodysuits to use as underwear and to have 6 to 8 jumpsuits and/or rompers to use as outfits. The poop of your little one will be very loose for the first few months and it is very likely to go out of its diaper. So, you should keep these mother-friendly pieces in handy.

          newborn baby girl cute bodysuit romper onesienewborn baby boy bodysuit romper onesie

              newborn baby girl long sleeve floral cute romper jumpsuit hat setnewborn baby boy long sleeve sailor navy footies romper jumpsuit hat set

T-Shirts: Based on the season you are expecting, you want to have 4 to 7 short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts besides the one-piece outfits. Again, in the very first few months, some babies tend to vomit a little after feeding. In such cases, you can just change the t-shirt with a clean one and that's it. Besides, think about having long sleeve shirts for chilly nights even if it is summer.

Pants: Like t-shirts, 4 to 7 pants can rescue you from the hassle of changing outfits completely. You may want to have stretchy waistbands that fit your baby's belly.

               newborn baby girl striped floral 3 pieces pants setnewborn baby boy navy active 3 pieces pants set

Waistcoats/Vests: I think vests are very useful especially right after you have your newborn have a bath. Since they may not recover their body temperature as quickly as adults, having them wear a warming vest will help to recover body temperature. 3 to 4 vests will fill the bill.

Socks: Babies are sensitive to sudden temperature changes and may become fussy because of this. Like vests, socks help them keep the optimal body temperature and feel relaxed on cold days. Also, keeping warm your newborn's feet will help him/her relief from the gas. If it is winter, booties may also work for your newborn. You can buy funny stuffed animal socks or more plain ones.

               striped colorful stuffed animal socksstriped colorful stuffed animal socks

Sleep Sacks / Sleep Bags: You will see when you give birth to your little button that they are perfect kickers. My son was and is still so. He always used to kick out everything lying onto him which makes me wake up several times during cold nights to check him. Therefore, consider buying 1 or 2 sleep sacks, bags, gowns, or whatever you call it and get your sleep!

            newborn baby girl boy striped cloudy sleep sack with hat set      newborn baby girl boy 100% organic cotton hooded sleep bag

Coats/Snowsuits: Look for one-piece and hooded snowsuits for your winter baby. This snowsuit should fit your baby's body to prevent him or her to be buried in the snowsuit.

           newborn baby girl boy hooded pink navy one piece coat      newborn baby girl boy 100% organic cotton cute romper coat

Now, you have a rough idea where you should head to shop for your newborn baby girl or boy. I also like the below sites and you can check them out, too.

I wish everyone expecting have a good pregnancy full of good memories!

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