The Cutest Baby Gift Ideas: Handmade Crochet Baby Clothes

Nowadays, I have several friends either expecting a baby soon or has recently given birth to the most innocent creatures of the universe. Whether or not being a close friend, you will start to think what to buy for this new comers as the due date gets closer. If this is a close friend's baby, then you may want to get something outstanding among the other baby gifts and also something that no one thinks of buying such a gift for that little sweetheart. In fact, you want that baby gift to be something enjoyable, funny, cute, and HANDMADE. If you find that product, please let me know!

Hahaha!!! Just kidding :) In this post, I like to introduce you lovely, cute, and funny handmade crochet baby gift sets. Until I saw them, I had not known such good, adorable, and fashionable designs can be created by crocheting. I believe you will love them, too :)

Lovely Spring Bloom Crochet Set

  This 100% handmade and 100% cotton yarn  crochet  hat and pants set might be a perfect gift for  a baby girl. With its fashionable spring time hat and  matching lovely pants, baby girls will be ready for  memorable photos. This set can also be used with a  matching shirt.






                                                                        Great Costume For Brave Sons

Newborn Baby Boy 100% Handmade Cotton Crochet Firefighters Hat Pants Boots SetWhat about this firefighters hat, boots, and matching pants for baby boys? Isn't it irresistible? To me, definitely, it is! Your friend's baby boy will look so cool and so cute in this 100% handmade and 100% cotton firefighters gift set. Don't forget to take funny photos and put them in that new guy's photo album!












Purple Cuteness By Crochet
Newborn Baby Girl 100% Handmade Crochet Flower Hat Cute Pants Set Turning back to baby girls, you don't want to miss this  cute piece, too. With its flower bonnet hat and ruffled-  hem, this might be a perfect Oh My God Gift for your  friend's baby girl.























   The Gentleman In Blues




Oh! I really love this one! This piece has a really high-quality knitting and design. With white and blue colors, it is an ideal gift for a baby boy. Again, it is 100% handmade and cotton. To have a look at this cute outfit, visit here.




In my next post, I will introduce you beautiful crochet baby shoes. So, stay in touch to see that beauties!






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