Newborn Starter Wardrobe

This collection is perfect for someone who wants to get a complete basic wardrobe for their newborn. It could be as a gift for someone you love who is expecting a baby, or for parents who want to cover the bare essentials before adding more on top. 

As explained in How to dress a newborn, the best way to use this collection is to select the following to complete your set:

  • A few cotton bunny rugs.
  • A few muslin (gauze) wraps.
  • Definitely half a dozen singlets.
  • A dozen jumpsuits (you can use these for nightwear).
  • Not any less than three tops.
  • A couple of cardigans regardless of the weather.
  • A couple of jackets if it's cold.
  • A couple of cotton hats.
  • A few pairs of socks.