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We're an arguably young couple based in London with a 3-year-old girl. Zoya is a doctor who works in the accident and emergency department at one of London’s busiest hospitals, with a special interest in paediatric emergency medicine, while Nabeel works in digital strategy at a top digital agency based near London Bridge with a focus on growing businesses.

We spent so much time researching clothes for our daughter that we ended up with the Cute Baby Store. Now we're branching into educational toys because the answer to ‘Is beauty all that matters to you?’ is a big fat ‘NO!’

We’re in this business to offer you value beyond thread count, quality designs, and a commitment to bring you the best, most exclusive collections that also help you stretch your dollar or pound - with free shipping!

Thank you for your interest in us and if you have any questions, wish to review our products, have a question about sizes or returns, or simply want to have a chat parent to parent about your cute little baby, our contact form is a click away.

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If you have any queries email us: info@cutebaby.store or write to us: Locals Talk, 5 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3LE, London, UK.